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The first totally FREE Airsoft magazine, written by airsofters for airsofters since 2007, debuting as an online e-magazine in 2009.

The Recon-Rag Team

Hardcore Haggis - Editor in chief and founder of the mag. Andy can mostly be found photographing anything and everything. His love of Airsoft is only surpassed by his love of photographing semi-naked ladies. Married, with three children he has the fortune to have a VERY understanding wife, who around the time of publication only gets fleeting glimpses of her husband!

Nick Easter – Image Master Extraordinaire. Nick, who passes an uncanny resemblance for Fagan, is our chief tech guy. Nearly all of the composite images in the mag can be attributed to this man's artistic genius. Nick's days are spent ensuring that the mag is glitch-free, whilst his evenings are best left undiscussed! Living in Arizona means that Nick can play with real guns as well as Airsoft guns....we are jealous of this fact and therefore talk about him behind his back a lot!

Frenchie – Editor and author. Frenchie has been airsofting since slightly before the last ice age. Since then he has consistently spent more time inside airsoft guns than behind them... A stint as UKARA chairman taught him that he didn't want to be a politician. He has spent the last 7 years, first as Airsoft World's resident gun monkey, latterly attempting to maintain control of all the new gun monkeys! Married to a rather adept P-90 owner, Frenchie has 3 children and has often been heard musing that if he could legally sell their kidneys he would have a much larger gun collection.

Duncan Whyte – Gun technical advisor and author. Dunc is a 6ft Scottish Gun Pixie. He can mostly be found by day at Airsoft World upgrading guns, but by night Duncan is transformed into a different being all together....a World of Warcraft Master! Duncan has been sent to the far corners of the world for training, but somehow always manages to find his way back....bless! Last year alone A W sent Dunc to the USA, Taiwan....and Kent. “The perks of the job are endless” he can often be heard lamenting, “Not only do I get to be in the presence of Frenchie every day, but I get to occasionally see big butch men in uniform...the lot of a pixie is a happy one!”.

Airsoft Mum – Editor and author. Susie has been involved in Airsoft for what feels like forever. She organises the Recon-Rag team with a fist of iron and promises of a nice cup of tea when their articles are completed on time. Loyal to the AK, she is completely perplexed as to why people will insist on using M4's. Susie has a forthright approach to customising her guns - if they're too long she simply falls on them - instant CQB! Having spent the last quarter of a century with Steve she now has a somewhat twisted sense of humour. This can be confirmed by most players at 'The Fort'.

Jamalen Gestalt – Author. Jamalen started airsofting with a newly released Marui Famas in 1992. Since then he has been a site owner, team organiser, and a pistol club trainer. He travelled to the USA to learn how to shoot real firearms. He hopes that one day he will discover an Airsoft gun that he can remain faithful to for longer than 2 months. Jamalen has an unhealthy lust for Heckler & Koch weapons, but has been known to buy anything shiny if it was in a film that he had just watched!

Moriarty – Author. Chris has been an airsofter since only 2010, and as Recon-Rag's resident 'Magpul Whore' he is an advocate of most things AR-15 related. Often to be found drooling over anything with white trademarks and silly red dot sights. He also has an extreme love affair with gas blow back pistols and is always on the look-out for another gadget or toy to add his collection. Oh yeah, did we mention that he's ginger?Peter North – Investigative journalist. Peter North is an enigma. Some say he was born clutching a note pad and magnifying glass. Rumour has it that 'Deep Throat' is his God Father. We just know that he has a big nose, and he's not scared to poke it into places where others fear to sniff......

George Whitcroft White – Author. George is one of Recon-Rag's key feature writers. He is also the youngest member of the team, at 13 years old. Don't think that his tender years make him any less experienced – he has been 'softing for nearly a quarter of his life! As his parent's are both journalists it seems only natural that he would follow in their footsteps. When not airsofting, or writing about Airsoft George can be found listening to Airsoft Podcasts, and chatting on the forums. An avid fan of Armalites, George can be found most game days at Xsite, sporting DPM and shooting fully grown men twice his size.

Andrew Hannon – Author. Andrew was first dragged to an airsoft game by 'Mad' Mike some time ago, a sceptic until he scored his first kill. Since then he has developed a high-speed, low-drag style of play. He has been heard to say that he doesn't mind getting mucky for a tactical advantage, although we've heard that that's not all he likes to get mucky for. He prefers modern kit, and is happy to play with anything that shoots good.....so that rules out most of his Reco-Rag colleagues! If he could have any gun made into an Airsoft version it would be a gas blow back AA-12, with a 5 shot burst and 30 round mag's...Andrew does not understand the concept that 'less is more'.

Mike "Alba" Barn – Author. 'Mike "Alba" Barn is an avid airsofter with a penchant for rats. Taking up airsoft around the same time as fellow day-walker and Recon Rag regular Moriarty, Mike was the driving force behind the now-infamous 'Northwind Security Concepts' brand. Even Mike has recently been heard to exclaim that he has no idea what is going on with NSC these days, and he seeks solace in the company of rodents. Despite all this, he's actually a really nice bloke! Very odd.....


Kevin 'Kevlar' Field – can mostly be found teaching fieldcraft, military tactics and land navigation to Advanced Cadet Instructors, airsofters and TA soldiers. He's trained with the Royal Marines, and the British Infantry. At the tender age of 28 Kevlar has already experienced the joy of having his own Airsoft Site, and the despair of giving it up! He's a fan of team players, and in-depth Mil Sim events. His main pet hate is the airsofter who collects and wears all the right kit, but has no idea how to use it!


Bruce Laurie, AKA Wolverine - Bruce is a fine example of a Scottish airsofter. He has been playing for the last 5 years and can be found at different sites throughout central Scotland, although he was a regular at the Fort back in the day. There are rumours abound that Wolverine is the true love child of Airsoft Mum......and who are we to state otherwise? He can be found most evenings on the forums, during the day he is normally being a superhero along with the other X Men....